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          MATH TOOLS NEWSLETTER - June 4, 2005 - No. 27

  Math Tools will hold a Remote Math and Technology Tool Fest
  June 13 - 17 with the purpose of virtually getting together
  a group of folks to:

    - rate resources
    - submit resources
    - write reviews
    - write stories
    - seed and participate in discussions
    - have virtual presentations of favorite tools and
        interesting math

  We have gathered a group of stakeholders in mathematics,
  education, and technology who enjoy collaborating across
  different school levels and technology interests. As the
  Tool Fest activities begin on Monday, June 13, we hope
  that you will join in the discussions! Watch the Math Tools
  site for updates:


  Last summer's first Tool Fest took place in Philadelphia,
  August 2-6. View the site:

  Technology PoW: Mauna Loa
  Using the monthly measurement data for 1975 through 1988 from
  Mauna Loa, predict the CO2 level for your birthday in the current
  year. Data can be downloaded in a Fathom file or the data can be
  accessed from a web site.

  Technology PoW: Types of Triangles
  Students use a GSP sketch or an interactive web page to drag and
  manipulate four triangles. They identify one of each type: scalene,
  isosceles, equilateral, and right.

  Activity: Instant Solution of a Maze
  David Chandler
  A quick way to find solutions to complicated mazes. The author
  writes: "While doing a maze activity with a group of elementary
  school homeschoolers, I started exploring mazes as systems of
  walls rather than as systems of paths. Each maze is at least two
  separate wall systems. By pulling an image of a maze into a paint
  program or photo editing program (I use LView), each wall system
  can be colored by the flood-fill option. Islands of walls not
  attached to either side thus become obvious and all possible
  paths can be traced by walking only along paths that border two
  colors. I have an illustration of the result at the URL listed

  Tool: Experiment with the Ferris Wheel
  Leslie Nielsen
  These sketches created with Geometer's Sketchpad were originally
  written to go with problem CF 21 in the CPM Algebra 2 book.

  Tool: Origami Construction
  David Chandler
  By following step-by-step instructions to fold a sheet of paper,
  construct a mathematically correct regular pentagon.

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