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         MATH TOOLS NEWSLETTER - JUNE 3, 2006 - No. 40

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  Tool: Line Gem 1
  Sulan Dun
  Line Gem 1 is a game created to help users learn how to
  graph linear equations on a Cartesian coordinate plane.
  Users pick the right linear equation so their dragon can
  fly the correct path to get as many gems as possible. To
  learn how to find points for a given linear equation, users
  can click the "Introduction" button to access a tutorial.

  Tool: Dimenxian
  Tabula Digita
  Students experience, explore, and apply math concepts
  in an engaging three-dimensional virtual world. Download
  the free PC or Mac demo. If you enjoy the demo, pre-order
  and save over 20% on the first release mission pack of
  Dimenxian. The price of $21.95 will be good only until
  the launch date this summer.

  Tool: AQEP - Algebra Quadratic Equations Project
  Sabine Hoidn, Phuong Pham, David Tu
  Have you ever wondered why you need to learn quadratic
  equations? This culminating lesson aims to make the math
  real, by showing visually how a simple problem can be
  solved by quadratic equations. The primary focus is on
  the link between the problem statement and the formulation
  of the quadratic equations.

  Tool: Bee Smart About the Weather
  Karin Chapin, Xin Wei, Johnny Marples, Mary Lowe
  A simulation allowing 2nd-grade students to change
  temperature, moisture, and wind to create weather
  effects. Emphasizes connections between the weather
  and students' personal experiences.

  Tool: A Closer Look at Earth, from Space
  Megan Slocum, Rachel Yong, Daniel Steinbock, Sima Westwood
  There are two activities for students to try: the Seasons
  Activity and the Scavenger Hunt. In the Seasons activity,
  users order strips of the earth by month. Hints and
  scaffolds are built into the tool. In the Scavenger Hunt
  activity, users explore a July image of Earth closely by
  zooming in on the image to find landforms, shorelines, and
  other features on Earth. Clues on the Scavenger Hunt
  Worksheet 1.1b ask students to find specific places and
  features. There are 20 clues. The MS Word file containing
  the worksheet and answer key can be downloaded.

  Looking for feedback to improve Line Gem 1
  SulanDun writes, "Hi, I'm looking for feedback from anyone
  who teaches graphing linear equations on the coordinate plane."

  Math Worksheets Online
  Nathan asks, "I'm looking into getting a subscription to
  Math Worksheets Online. Can anyone offer their experiences
  before I purchase?"

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