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      MATH TOOLS NEWSLETTER - APRIL 4, 2008 - No. 62

 Sharon Dugdale recently announced the release of Green
 Globs to a Math Tools discussion, where she has "very much
 enjoyed reading comments." Upon seeing her post, longtime
 Green Globs enthusiast Ihor Charischak replied:

 "This is great News! Just in time for folks to get to
 prepare for the global 'Great Green Globs Contest' which I
 will be announcing later this month and will be happening
 in late May."


 As you browse the catalog, please take a moment to rate a
 resource, comment on it, review it -- or start a new

 Tool: 3 Equations - 3 Unknowns Matrix Practice Tool
 Jeff LeMieux
 One of the problems in dealing with three equations and
 three unknowns is a lack of practice problems. This
 script provides a new problem set each time which has
 integer answers. Another difficulty faced by students
 is the fact of paying attention to the details of each
 step in the solution which often leads to incorrect
 answers. This script allows students to practice the
 procedures while keeping the math accurate.

 Tool: 3 Equations - 3 Unknowns Matrix Solver Tool
 Jeff LeMieux
 This is a companion program to "3 Equations - 3 Unknowns
 Matrix Practice Tool." This program does not solve the
 3 equations-3 unknowns system; rather it is a tool to
 help the student work through the problem using combination.
 It will also allow entry of numbers in mid-course should
 one desire to try a substitution. Use of the practice
 program is encouraged to develop facility with the process.

 Support Material: Area Discussion
 Shodor: Project Interactivate
 A dialogue between a student and a mentor about finding
 areas of irregular shapes on a grid.

 Demise of Green Globs
 Sharon Dugdale adds to an ongoing discussion: "Good news!
 The Mac OS X version of Green Globs is now available!"

 Graphing Tool
 Trish Kepler explains, "These explorative tools are only
 really effective with direction. Without a concrete
 objective, my kids would be likely to spend a lot of time
 playing without really understanding the point of the tool."

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