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        MATH TOOLS NEWSLETTER - MAY 2, 2008 - No. 63

 Technology Tools for Thinking and Reasoning about Probability

 The Math Forum will host a new online workshop for teachers
 who work with students in 5th through 9th grade. Teachers will
 investigate some mathematics topics common to middle school
 curricula within the theme of probability. In this context
 they will explore the Math Tools digital library and several
 software tools that contribute in some way to mathematical
 understanding, problem solving, reflection and discussion.

 Each participant's $100 workshop fee is being covered by a
 National Science Foundation (NSF) grant, affording participants
 the convenience of anytime, anywhere online learning.

 The workshop will be offered May 12 - June 23.
 Certificates of completion will be available for participants
 finishing the six weeks of interaction. For an overview with
 additional detalis, visit:

 Deadline for applications is Monday, May 5, 2008.


 As you browse the catalog, please take a moment to rate a
 resource, comment on it, review it -- start a new or join
 a discussion!

 Tool: WordPress Math Publisher
 Ron Fredericks
 Allows a blogger to publish math equations. More details
 and screen shots available at the site.

 Tool: The Coordinate (Cartesian) Plane - Math Open Reference
 John Page
 An interactive applet and associated web page that
 describe the concept of the coordinate plane (Cartesian
 Plane). The applet shows the plane, its axes, origin and
 related controls. The user can drag a point around and
 see the coordinates change, and click anywhere to create
 new points. The origin can be dragged to emphasize or
 eliminate certain quadrants.

 Technology PoW: Spinners
 Annie Fetter
 Choose which spinner is most likely to have produced the
 given experimental results.

 Support Material: Algebra Nspirations
 a.m. productions llc.
 This new video series allows Algebra 1 teachers to
 integrate Texas Instruments' new TI-Nspire™ handheld.
 Real-world scenarios combined with dynamic footage and
 easy-to-follow animated sequences for the calculator
 keystrokes provide a student-friendly presentation.

 the use of technology
 DawnS81 explains, "Some teachers have different viewpoints
 on the use of technology in the classroom. I am writing to
 get opinions from other teachers."

 Is a rhombus a kite?
 LFS posts to an ongoing discussion, "Does the 'standard'
 definition of quadrilateral assume convexness?"

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