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 MATH TOOLS NEWSLETTER - January 30, 2012 - No. 105

***2012 T^3 International Conference
Chicago, March 2-4, 2012.
If you are planning to attend the T^3 conference in Chicago,
make sure to come by Booth 16 to meet Suzanne, Max, and Craig. 
Also consider attending Max and Craig's talks on Saturday.


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Tool: Money
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives (Utah State University)
Learn about money by counting and making change.

Tool: Number Grid Level 1
Quincy Brown
First level in a collection of five Number Grid activities. 
It displays a section of a matrix containing a set of 
consecutive whole numbers. A move from one number to the next 
within a row is a change of one; a move from one number to the 
next within a column is a change of ten. Level 1 has two 
digit numbers.

Tool: A Plethora of Polyhedra
Humberto Jose Bortolossi
This is a free JAVA applet that helps users to study spatial 
geometry in a dynamic and interactive way. Using it, the user 
can rotate, zoom out, zoom in and translate a plethora of 
polyhedra. Moreover, the program is able to compute topological 
and geometrical duals of each polyhedron. Geometrical 
operations include unfolding, plane sections, truncation 
and stellation.

Tool: Single Fraction Pointer
Shodor: Project Interactivate
Graphically determine the value of a given fraction represented 
as a point on a number line. Graphically find a fraction whose 
value is the given fraction using an arrow on the number line as 
a guide. Single Fraction Pointer is one of the Interactivate 
assessment explorers.

Tool: Poly
Pedagoguery Software Inc.
Poly is a shareware program for exploring and constructing 
polyhedra. With Poly, you can manipulate polyhedral solids on 
the computer in a variety of ways. Flattened versions (nets) of 
polyhedra may be printed and then cut out, folded, and taped, 
to produce three-dimensional models.

Tool: Resources for Interactive Whiteboards
These simple maths resources for interactive whiteboards emphasize
student differentiation and progression. All activities are linked
to a key objective/objectives from the UK's Primary Framework. They
are intended to be used for reinforcing and practicing key
mathematical skills and concepts.

Tool: All About Ratios
Cynthia Lanius
The "All About Ratios" activities are designed to introduce ratios 
in a concept-building way. The activities can be done on computers 
with Internet access or be printed. The author suggests that pairs 
of students work together at the computer talking to each other 
about the activities. Exercises and quizzes are checked on-line, 
and teachers can record the results. Practice answers are hidden 
under a tab so that students can easily check their answers. 
Problem solving answers are submitted and both the students' and 
the correct answer are returned. Teachers can circulate and record 
the students' responses.


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