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Math Tools Newsletter
June 30, 2014 - No. 133

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Emerging Communities for Mathematical Practices and Assessment (EnCoMPASS)
The EnCoMPASS Project is developing an online professional teaching community of 
mathematics educators focused on understanding and improving mathematical thinking
 through work with formative assessment rubrics and feedback to student problem solving.

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Featured Discussions
Best & New Way to Teach Long Division
henrywilliamsonn announces, "The Long Division Made Easy is an app made for the 
children who are learning division."

log identities
Don Cohen-The Mathman writes, "Identities for logs... how do I do this with students?"

Featured Resources
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Tool: Touch Natural Numbers - Maurici Carbσ
With this app you can:
• analyze the factors of a composite number.
• build a composite number from its factors (multiplication and division of natural numbers).
• localize or select a number in the Ulam Spiral. (Only prime numbers have a color in this spiral).
• verify all the possible products between primes in a composite number with the parabolic sieve.
• analyze or build a number with the place value activity (addition and subtraction of natural numbers).
• understand the modulo of a number.
• know about polygonal numbers and the numbers as the sum of two prime numbers, and as the sum of three prime numbers.

Tool: Kids Measurement Science Lite - INFINUT
Young scientists learn to analyze the physical world by measuring across a variety of 
domains - time, size, weight and money. 5-8 year old kids measure length, weight, time 
and money in this science app using a tape measure, scale, clock and coins in 20 exercises.

Tool: Paper Pool Tool - NCTM: Illuminations
This applet allows users to explore the game of Paper Pool in which a ball leaves a corner 
at 45 degrees and continues on until landing in a pocket.

Lesson Plan: Which Pocket? - NCTM: Illuminations
In this lesson, students continue their investigation by discovering a rule to predict the 
pocket in which the ball will land. As an extension, students can also consider the number 
of squares that a ball crosses while traversing its path.

Lesson Plan: How Many Hits? - NCTM: Illuminations
Students will continue their investigation of the Paper Pool game by exploring more tables 
and organizing the results. Using the data that they collect, they will attempt to find a 
relationship between the size of the table, the number of hits that occur, and the pocket in 
which the ball lands.

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