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Math Tools Newsletter
May 28, 2014 - No. 132

Ignite Talks
View this series of Ignite talks from the 2013 conference of the California 
Mathematics Council - Northern Section (CMC-North). See how well the ten 
speakers do with 20 PowerPoint slides advancing every 15 seconds, whether 
they're ready or not.

CMC-North gave the Forum the opportunity to carry on the Ignite tradition 
started by Key Curriculum Press. For more fast, fired-up fun, watch our other 
Ignite talks from earlier conferences:

New Blog: Daniel at the Math Forum
Daniel is a Materials Science & Engineering (MSE) student at Drexel University 
and recently started a co-op position at the Math Forum for spring/summer. 
He is particularly interested in pursuing a career in STEM education. He is 
blogging about his experiences at the Math Forum including, thoughts he has 
on mathematics and mathematics learning. 

Featured Resources
As you browse the catalog, please take a moment to rate a resource, comment 
on it, review it -- join an existing conversation, or start a new discussion.

Tool: Programmers Calculator - Vernon Morris
An online 64 bit calculator for anyone who wants to work with binary, 
hexadecimal or regular base 10 numbers. Aside from the ability to work with 
different bases, this tool has a wide variety of binary (bitwise) operations.

Tool: Base 10 Subtraction Mathlets - Dave Posner
These mathlets illustrate the standard base 10 subtraction algorithm. They 
provide randomly generated subtraction problems with up to 4 decimal places 
and allow the student to step through the solution while at the same time 
observing the meaning/justification of the steps in terms of a model.

Tool: Minutes Text Notes Pro - LSC Saelim
A note taking Android app that syncs to Dropbox and can render Markdown 
along with mathematical equations (MathJax support requires Android 4.4). 
It includes dictionary support, Tasker extension support, powerful built-in search 
functions, widgets, SD card export, etc. and is customizable.

Tool: Liter per second to Gallon per second Conversion - Amit Shah
Online tool to create conversion chart from liter/sec to gallon/sec and to convert 
from liter per second to gallon per second. This tool is part of the site.

Tool: Meta Chart - Create pie, bar and other charts - Vernon Morris
Free online wizards for many of the types of charts that teachers and students 
study in math class including pie, bar, multi bar, scatter plots and line charts. 
The wizards guide you through the process, let you customize the look and feel 
and also allow you to easily download your final chart or to share using a public url.

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