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Getting Started

New!  Download Bethany Hudnutt's Navigating Math Tools PDF document

Welcome to the Math Tools community library! Here you'll find a wealth of resources designed to help you use the power of interactive software to enhance the teaching and learning of mathematics. Above all else, Math Tools is a community of users which includes students, teachers, mathematicians, researchers, and software developers.

Resources are categorized by course, topic, and, sometimes, subtopic, as well as by resource type and technology type (see the pop-up menus at the top of each page). Registration is free and necessary in order to take advantage of some features of this site such as posting to discussions and keeping track of favorite resources, "friends" in the user community, and your own contributions.

What's Here?

  • Tools: We've got tools for many different technology types: graphing calculator, handhelds, and computers, including Cabri, Fathom, Flash, Shockwave, Java applets, Java script, Sketchpad, with more to come.

  • Lesson Plans: Many tools have lesson plans that were written to give a teacher an idea of how the technology can be used within a mathematics curriculum.

  • Stories: Teachers who use a resource from the library are encouraged to write a story detailing their experience.

  • Activities: Similar to lesson plans, activities are written to a student audience helping them use the tool to learn mathematical concepts.

  • Technology PoWs: These are problem-solving challenges modeled on our Problems of the Week that take advantage of interactive mathematics tools.

  • Support Materials: Information to support the mathematics presented by a tool.

  • Newsletter: To inform you about all that's going on in our Math Tools digital library project, we offer registrants an electronic newsletter via email the first Saturday of each month.

How do I Find Things?

  • Browse: Choose from the pop-up menus in the Browse section of the header on the top of each page and click Go when you have the combination you want to try. You can be as general or specific as you like.

  • Math Topics: Choose "Math Topics" in the left nav bar and you'll be able to see all of the courses, as well as their topics and subtopics, and browse from that direction.

  • Search: Type your keyword(s) in the Search box on the top of the page and hit Go.

How Can I Contribute?

  • Rate and Review Resources: As a registered user, you can rate any resources or write a longer review based on your experiences. When browsing a list of items, you can move your mouse over an item's name and follow the "More:" link at the bottom of the yellow information area that is revealed.

  • Join a Discussion: In addition to general discussions, every resource in the library can have an associated discussion (if there isn't one for a specific resource, you can start one)!

  • Submit a Resource: Use the links under "Submission" in the left nav bar to write a story or lesson plan, share an activity, submit a Sketchpad sketch, feed us your Flash, etc.