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Tool: Equation of a Vertical Ellipse
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Description: Flash introduction to finding the equation of an ellipse centered on (0,0) and with its major axis on the y-axis. Students can use this Tab Tutor program to learn about the equation of this ellipse and how to use it to derive the foci, vertices, and minor axis. A glossary also introduces other features like the latus rectum and major axis.

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Technology Type: Flash 
Author:; The Smartacus Corporation
Language: English 
Cost: Does not require payment for use

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Courses: Algebra II Vocabulary, Ellipses
PreCalculus general, standard forms of equations, ellipses, major / minor axes, foci

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Reviewer: RM3K, Oct 5 2006 07:04:49:030PM
Appropriate for: practice of skills and understandings
Ability to meet my goals: Very Ineffective
Recommended for: Algebra
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