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Tool: Algebraic Reasoning
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Description: This program introduces students to fundamental concepts in algebra. Using two or three weighing scales, students must determine the weight of a specific object or group of objects. The program provides three levels of challenge. In the first and second levels, the weighing scales model simultaneous equations such as 5x = 20 and 3x + 4y = 32. Students are solving for the variable, y. In the third level, three simultaneous equations are presented. An example would be 2x + y = 10, 2x + 4y = 22, and 3y + 2z = 26. Using objects in place of variables makes this activity accessible to students as early as fourth grade.
Technology Type: Flash 
Author: Colleen King
Language: English 
Cost: Does not require payment for use

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Courses: Math 4 Multiplication, Division, Number sentences
Math 5 Multiplication, Division, Algebra and expressions, Equations and functions
Math 6 Algebra and expressions, Equations and functions
Math 7 Algebra and expressions, Equations and functions

Comment:I really wanted to give a 5 star rating but inadvertently hit the "SUBMIT" buttton instead of the last star
Comment:It is an excellent resource. It's fun, has great graphics and developes algebraic thinking. I'll definitely use it with my students.
Comment:Students can begin by problem solving and end by writing the equations and solving for the variables. A great bridge.
Comment:My students would do this activity all day if they could. They love this kind of reasoning.
Comment:Loved it! This will be great to use on a SmartBoard!
Comment:I love Math Playground. Great applet; and they referenced a great resource as their inspiration: the Groundworks series. Access to a SmartBoard can definitely enhance this even further