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Tool: Furbles
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Furbles are fun and engaging creatures for use on interactive whiteboards with students of all ages. They were originally designed for statistics, probability and logic to teach students about charts and diagrams. Their flexible structure also allows teachers to use them for number and geometry.

There is a commercial version that requires payment to use, but also a functional demo version that is free to use. Originally developed for the UK, the user guide has some different naming conventions (Circle Charts are called Pie Charts, for example), but it is intuitive and easy to pick up.

Technology Type: Flash 
Author: Alec McEachran
Language: English 
Cost: Does not require payment for use

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Courses: Math 1 Data analysis, Probability
Math 2 Data analysis, Probability
Math 3 Data analysis, Probability
Math 4 Data analysis, Probability
Math 5 Data analysis, Probability, Venn diagrams
Math 6 Data analysis, Probability, Venn diagrams
Probability & Statistics Displaying with Graphs, Describing with Numbers, Samples and Experiments, Randomness, Estimating with Confidence