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Tool: Adding with Uncommon Denominators
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This interactive tool is one of a series of tools created by Conceptua Math that are designed for teacher-facilitated instruction. Teachers can use the Adding Fractions with Uncommon Denominators tool to help students understand the terms "common denominators'' and ''uncommon denominators''. Students learn how to determine a common denominator for two given fractions with uncommon denominator by multiplying one or both by a fraction with a value of 1.

Features such as dragging, hide/show models and linking models to procedures assist students in connecting conceptual understanding to the procedure of addition in a systematic and clear sequence when teachers begin by working with models only, models and numbers and then numbers only. Designed to work on an interactive white board.

Technology Type: Flash 
Author: Conceptua Math
Language: English 
Cost: Does not require payment for use

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Comment:It was through in telling you how to do certain problems however it did not show you the problems or show you them