GRADE  7-8 / Age 12-14

Hey, Sport!

Let the games begin!  You need to find out what the five most popular sports in the world are for students age 12-14.  Rank them from 1 to 5 with 1 being most popular and 5 being least popular.  In addition, you need to tell us the most popular sports player for each of the 5 sports you list.

There's more to do to complete this challenge.  For each of the five sports listed, find the following information:

1)  Dimensions of playing fields, areas, courts, etc.

2)  Dimensions of any objects used during the games such as footballs, basketballs, bowling balls, horseshoes, etc.

3)  Explain how the sport is scored.  What is the point system used?  How do you know who wins?

To complete this assignment, you will need to create a survey and ask as many students as possible about their favorite sports and players.  When you have taken your survey, you will need to show the information in a graph so that we can see the results.

Finally,  when you are done, answer these questions:

1)  Write the percentage results for each of the top five sports listed.  Explain in words how you found the percentage.

2)  Which sport has the largest playing area?  Which has the smallest?  Explain your answer.

3)  What kind of graph did you use?  Could you have used another type of graph to display the information?  Explain why you chose that type of graph.

Be sure to use your MathWorld Interactive six problem-solving steps. Have fun!

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