GRADE  9-12 / Age 14+

 College Daze!

Graduation opens the door to the future.  Your challenge will be to look into that future world and research the possibilites and realities that await you.  For this challenge, you need to:

1)  Research 3 universities, colleges, junior colleges, or tradeschools that you would be interested in attending.  Give a brief description of the school.

2)  For each school that you research, find the following information:

     A)  Entrance requirements such as coursework, grade point average, SAT/ACT scores, applications, fees.

     B)  Total projected cost for each year enrolled including tuition, books, rent, food, utilities, entertainment, and miscellaneous.  Be sure to consider cost of living increases.  When you have completed your projections, create a graph that breaks down the total expenses.  Include the percentage for each expense.  Explain in detail how you arrived at the figures for each expense. Support your projections with facts such as newspaper rental ads or dormitory information.

     C)  Based on the courses required for entrance, create a class schedule from this semester at your school until you graduate.  Be sure that you have completed all the required coursework by the graduation date.  For example, if you are a sophomore (highschool level 2), you would create a 3-year schedule.  A senior (highest level high school) would create a 1-year schedule.  Display your schedule clearly and explain your reasoning for the schedule you create.

Be sure to use your MathWorld Interactive six problem-solving steps. Have fun!

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