Challenge K-3/Ages 5-8


Presented to MathWorld Interactive by Mrs. Craighead's 2nd Grade Class

1. Facts:

it's raining, Ana is running, Ben is walking, school is over, must walk home: no bus, car, or bike riding, home is 2 blocks away

2. What are we looking for:   Who is going to get the wettest?

3. Strategies: a. try it out

b. distance vs. speed- would Ana get less wet because she is going faster?

use past experience to help with this

c. was Ana running toward the slant of the rain or away from it?

d. how hard is it raining?

4. Solution

Ben is spending more time in the rain. He will get wetter. The speed at which you go through the rain is not important. AMOUNT OF TIME SPENT IN THE RAIN IS THE KEY.

5. Check

Went over the discussion again and came out with same results.

6. Extend

a. If it was a sunny day, who would get the hottest?

b. If it was a snowy day, who would get the coldest/wettest?

c. In the fall, who would get the most leaves on their head?

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