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NSDL Leadership Development Workshop
Five Dimensions: Mathematics, Technology, Teaching, Learning, and Assessing

Welcome to the Math Forum's Leadership Development Workshop.

Some of the best moments over the years for the Math Forum community have been summer programs where we get together as colleagues to learn math and explore new technologies. And we've always done this with the goal of sharing with the wider community, producing resources that others can use and collaborating with others online.

The particular challenge for all of us at the beginning of this new program is to figure out how we can build that wonderful experience together so that it leads to other teachers improving their classrooms. What is really going to make a difference in enabling the benefits to reach the students? What can we create together that will attract our colleagues, enable them to deepen their mathematical knowledge for teaching, and increase the use of technologies in the classrooms that improve the learning opportunities for the students? Our success will be measured in terms of our answers to these questions.

Our work together in this first program will focus on investigating some mathematics topics common to the curricula of the middle years and the theme of algebraic reasoning. In this context we will explore the Math Tools digital library and several particular software tools that contribute in some way to mathematical understanding, problem solving, reflection and discussion.

To gain the most from the activities, we are encouraging reflection along five dimensions: mathematics, technology, teaching, learning, and assessment. We look forward to your contributions to the course as you consider each. Our approach is to value everyone's contributions as they share their explorations and wonderings, ask and answer questions of themselves and others, and think of how this can transfer to the classroom.

We will have a discussion board for questions and group conversation. If you get stuck be sure to go there and post your question. Everyone should feel free to respond to questions. This will NOT be a workshop where the facilitators are the gurus. We are all co-learners and co-leaders.

If you are an online participant and you would like access to the wiki where participants are posting their activity results, please send us a note using the facilitators link and we'll provide you with instructions.

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Send comments to the facilitators: Annie, Cynthia, Steve, and Suzanne

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