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The lessons and materials available here come from a variety of sites and organizations. Some include offers for video or software, and some are lesson plans. Where the originals are Claris or Acrobat (PDF) documents, we have for the most part converted them to HTML, leaving a link back to the parent page from which you can download the formatted version.

For more on fractions, search or browse the fractions/decimals/percents pages in the Internet Mathematics Library.

Fractions and Algebra

Fractions (Explorer)
A video that shows the relation between arithmetic and algebraic fractions, demonstrating how to reduce algebraic fractions by dividing out common fractions. Also discussed are addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of algebraic fractions and how to solve equations involving algebraic fractions.
Continued Fractions (Calvin College)
A site that explains continued fractions, giving history, theory, applications, and bibliography. (Designed for college undergraduates with an interest in math.)
Continued Fractions, Infinite Continued Fractions, and Iteration... (The Mathman)
... 10 different ways to solve a quadratic equation. An area of mathematics with applications to population increase, finding the square root of a number, chaos theory, and fractals. Sample problems from Chapter 8 (Solving Equations and Iteration) of Don Cohen's "Iteration to Infinite Sequences with 6 to 11 year-olds."
Introduction to Continued Fractions (Ron Knott)
"Continued fractions are just another way of writing fractions. They have some interesting links with a jigsaw-puzzle problem of splitting a rectangle up into squares and also with one of the oldest algorithms known to mathematicians - Euclid's Algorithm for computing greatest common divisors (gcd)." Contents: A jigsaw puzzle: splitting rectangles into squares; The General form of a Continued Fraction; Continued Fractions and Euclid's GCD Algorithm; Continued Fractions for decimal fractions?; Solving Quadratics with Continued Fractions; References.
Power of Algebra Series (Explorer)
A series of ten videos that looks at factoring, order of operations, inverse operations, polynomials, equations, exponents, positive and negative numbers, and fractions. Individual titles include Inverse Operations, Order of Operations, Basic Properties, Positive and Negative Numbers, Using Positive Exponents, Polynomials and Equations, Factoring I, Factoring II, Fractions, and Words into Symbols.

Fractions and Real Life Situations

Calculating a car payment (Christopher)
Students use a formula containing complex fractions and large exponents to calculate a monthly car payment; use the order of operations while putting such a formula into a scientific calculator; and see a very practical use for complex fractions and large exponents.

Review of Fraction Concepts

Fractions for Adults (S.O.S. MATHematics)
This math review ("for people who have forgotten what they once knew about fractions") covers: Simple Fractions (Identification, Factoring Integers, Reducing Fractions, Multiplication, Division, Building Fractions, Addition, Subtraction, and Order of Operations); Complex Fractions; Compound Fractions; Decimals; and Percentage.
Fractions of a Dollar (Taking Stock)
Students convert fractions used in stock quotes into dollar equivalents.
Fractions Review (Triton College)
A review that covers the definition of a fraction, an important property, equality, reduction, addition, multiplication, and division.
Fraction Shapes (Lanius)
No matter what shape your fractions are in... a geometric approach.
Make One (Buckeye)
A card game: review the four basic operations with fractions.
Nullo (Buckeye)
A lesson that uses a card game to review the "rules of divisibility" and the concept of the least common multiple (lowest common denominator) as lity" associated with addition and subtraction of fractions.
Zero-In (Buckeye)
A card game using fractions: be the first player to lay down all cards in a book or books.

Fraction Reference Materials

Summary of Fractions (S.O.S. MATHematics)
An outstanding summary of rules that concern operations with fractions.
Eric's Treasure Trove of Mathematics (Eric Weisstein)
Select the letter "f" and look for "fraction" and "fractal."
Fibonacci Numbers, Pineapples, Sunflowers and The Golden Mean (Mathman)
Mathematics from a Pineapple: Infinite sequences, limit of a sequence, ratios, fractions,and decimals. Also Looking at a Regular Pentagon. Sample problems from Chapter 7 of Don Cohen's book, Calculus By and For Young People.
Key to Fractions (Key Curriculum Press)
One of a series of self-paced, self-guided workbooks covering all topics from basic concepts to mixed numbers and written with secondary students in mind.
Measuring Fractions & Decimals: Memory Aid (Hamilton)
Excerpt from the book Math to Build On, by Johnny & Margaret Hamilton (copyright 1993).
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