Middle School Level Questions on Triangles
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Middle School Dr. Math Questions on Measurement
Below are some questions and answers from our archive of questions sent via e-mail by K12 students and teachers to Ask Dr. Math. You may also browse the entire middle school level archive by category.


Angle, Side Length of a Triangle
What is the relation between the angles and side lengths of a triangle?
Area: Triangle vs. Rectangle
Why is the formula for the area of a triangle different from that of a rectangle or square?
Calculating the Sides of a Right Triangle
I need help on how to calculate the length of the opposite side of a right triangle if the length of the adjacent and angles are known.
Perimeter Equals Area in a Triangle
When will the area and perimeter of a right triangle be numerically equal?
Right Triangles
Is there an easy way to remember the different right triangles and how to find the length of missing sides? I already know that in any right triangle: (a*a) + (b*b) = (c*c).
Triangles: Height and Angle
A tree casts a shadow 30 ft and makes an angle of 47 degrees with the ground. How high is the tree?
Why do the angles of a triangle add to 180 degrees?
We were wondering why all the angles in a triangle add up to 180 degrees.
Teaching Area of Triangles
When I gave a Unit Assessment, all but one student got area of a triangle wrong. Where did I fail?
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