Water to the Max

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In this lesson students measure angles in order to maximize distance

Author: R. Vance Wood, Hurricane High School, Hurricane, UT

Grade Level/Subject: (9-12), Math or Science


Purpose: To find the optimum angle to achieve the greatest distance.


Activities and Procedures:

Questions and Conclusions:

  1. Which angle allowed you to achieve the maximum distance?

  2. Can you think of a method to determine the maximum height the water achieved at the optimum angle? Briefly describe your method.

  3. Draw the approximate path the water followed in it's flight. What is the shape of the path?

  4. If you were to increase the pressure on the water in the hose, what effect would it have on the angle you would use to achieve maximum distance at the new pressure?

  5. Do you think that a shot put or a javelin would need to be thrown at some angle different than the water to achieve maximum distance?
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