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Orientation: Math Tools

Finding Resources

One thing to remember is that Math Tools is a digital library. We have cataloged technology resources hoping to help teachers and, therefore, students find resources to help them learn mathematics.

There are six different resource types, including
        Lesson Plans
        Technology PoWs
        Support Materials

Note: You will find a description of each of these on the Getting Started page linked from the left (blue) sidebar.

Resources are arranged by course and under each course there are topics and sub-topics. We think of this as presenting teachers with a table of contents of what they might expect to see in their curriculum materials. You may find that you teach a 9th grade mathematics course but the Math 7 list has many resources that you can use. That's okay! Our course names are just a way to organize resources and do not strictly label any one level.


browsing by using the Math Topics link in the left (blue) sidebar.

browsing by using the drop down menus at the top right of the page.

searching by typing your keyword(s) in the Search box on the top of the page and hit Go.

NOTE: Use the links on the left sidebar of this page to view any part of the Orientation.

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