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Orientation: Math Tools

Saved Items

Try this:

  1. Go to [opens in a new browser window]

  2. Are you logged in to Math Tools? Do you see "You are not logged in." or do you see "Welcome, ...." at the top of the left sidebar? If you're not logged in, please do that now.

  3. Select Math Topics from the left (blue) sidebar.

  4. Select Math 7. [This is just an example and after following this you can make different choices.]

  5. Select Operations with numbers

  6. You should see a list of resources. Move your cursor over the first column (the hyperlinks under Resource Name). Do you see how the list expands as you move your cursor?

  7. Place your cursor over the first name in the list -- it should be Place Your Order.

  8. It should look like this:

  9. There are two hyperlinks. Click on the bottom one: More: lessons, discussions, ratings, reviews, ...

  10. Now you should be on a Math Tools catalog page. Look near the center of the page for the Save This link. Click it.

Let's assume that you have found several resources in the Math Tools digital library and you've used the Save This link on each of their catalog pages. Your time is up that day, you log off your computer at school and the next day you're at home and remember that you'd like to look at those resources that you had found. Here's how you can find them again:

  1. Go to [opens in a new browser window]

  2. Login.

  3. Click on My MathTools at the top of the blue sidebar.

  4. You should be on your My MathTools Profile page:

  5. Click the Saved Items tab.

Note that you can delete any resources you no longer want on your list.

NOTE: Use the links on the left sidebar of this page to view any part of the Orientation.

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