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Student Access

Depending on the level of PoW membership that you have, you will have these choices for student access:

Current PoW (Teacher) Membership [for $25]
Print this Problem [linked from blue box]
Use the link in the blue box to print a clean copy of the problem (no identifying level on that view).
This page might be helpful:
    PoWs in the Classroom: The PoW Process
Scenario Only [linked from blue box]
This page might be helpful:
    How to Start Problem Solving in Your Classroom
Assign [linked from blue box]
Once you have set up your class(es) and up to 36 student logins, use the Assign link so that one or more of the 100 Current Problems appear on your students' My PoW Work page.
This page might be helpful to set up students' accounts:
    How to set up your students' logins

View a 2.5-minute video: Submitting to a PoW

View a 3.5-minute video: My Students' Work

Full PoW Membership [starting at $149]
Print this Problem (same as above)
Scenario Only (same as above)
Assign [same as above]
... but in addition your selection of problems also includes one or more of the 1800 Library Problems and access to Write Math: PoWs by Standard to search for standards/textbook/topic aligned problems.
School/District PoW Membership
All of the above but each teacher has unlimited classes and unlimited students per class
If you are ready to create Student Accounts, these links might be helpful:
QUESTION: How do my students get a username and password?
How to Set-up Student Accounts: view HTML ||  download PDF or PPT
If you have created Student Accounts, use some of these ideas:
How Students Use Their Accounts

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