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Lisa Myles (Chapel Hill, NC)
I have thoroughly enjoyed this course. . . . It now makes perfect sense to me that concepts/skills can also be introduced/reinforced/practiced with POWs.
Kathy (MA)
I find my own math content knowledge increases with every problem I solve! . . . I deepen my content understanding by solving problems, asking questions, and looking for connections. There were many times when I was looking at someone’s solutions that I gained a deeper understanding of what was happening. If I didn’t following something I would go into work and have discussions with colleagues regarding what I wasn’t seeing. It proved to be a great way to spark conversations and deepen everyone’s understanding. . . . It most definitely, reaffirmed what I believe to be true in the teaching of mathematics. Math should be engaging and accessible to all students on many, many different levels. There is always a way to solve a problem that others may not see. I appreciate looking at problems through different solutions. Having students talk and write about mathematics adds another dimension to the learning. It allows for a deeper more meaningful discussion and understanding of strengths and misconceptions.
Sheila (PA)
This course has completely transformed these last weeks of school for me, my colleagues and my students. . . I have found, to my surprise, that I have students we thought of as strugglers and slower processors who are choosing to do the challenge problems...and doing them well! . . . There really is an energy in the room that wasn't there before. The kids are engaged and supportive of each other. They are sometimes wanting to keep working, and I have to stop because of time! I am grateful that this course helped me take everything I have done and learned previously, gain some key tools and understanding and put it all together so I can have the kind of experience I have been wanting for so long. These students are definitely benefitting from the lessons from this course. We have all been transformed!
Janet (MA)
I have gained a new appreciation and understanding of how one problem can be solved in many different ways. I have acquired new tools to work towards my goal of differentiating my lessons in order to reach all of my students. I also feel I have become a more confident mathematician through working out many of the POWs. . . This class also helped me regain my confidence on my mathematical abilities, I enjoyed working through the POWS, reading the standards, and reflecting on how I can impart the wonder and satisfaction of completing a problem to my students. . . . As I look through my binder from this course, there are many concepts about differentiation, assessment, and problem solving that I will continue to reflect on and integrate into my teaching.
Lisa (CT)
My teaching has definitely changed in the sense that I am growing as an educator. I think that part of taking this online course was a challenge in that it's hard to "risk" putting your thoughts and thinking down in writing for classmates that you don't know and can't see. It put me back in the learner seat and allowed me to relate to my students and how they feel. Conversely, it was great to get positive feedback from peers, to read other's solutions, to be able to relate to the problems and challenges that we all are experiencing. Sometimes you feel like an island and at least it's better to feel like you're part of an archipelago!

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