Math Forum - Project of the Month, February 1997

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February POM - Annie's Comments

Simply put, Justin's answer was above and beyond everyone else's. He provided a simple and correct explanation for why the figure will always be a parallelgram,and then added an _excellent_ explanation of when that parallelogram will be a rhombus, rectangle, or square. That part is just perfect. The whole problem really does revolve around the diagonals of the beginning figure, and Justin's answer reflects that, and I just can't think of a better, or simpler, way to explain it!

Several other students made a good statement about the general solution. Lauren Kupersmith of Germantown Academy, Tina Chi of Chantilly High School, and Alex Hughes of Summit School all provided the parallelgram explanation, but didn't say that much about the specific quadrilaterals. Jess Gilburne and Eric Faden from Georgetown Day School and Tim Peterson, who is homeschooled in Rochester, New York, all put in a lot of work and explained the different examples pretty well, but never made a really clear universal statement about the parallelogram.

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