Hello fellow PoW’ers!!! I have been selected to attend the Google Teacher Academy in London this week, and I have decided to video blog my first European Trip for my students and followers. Each video will consist of an overview of my day, and end with a problem for students to solve that relates to something I saw or did on my trip. Here are the videos–feel free to share them with your students and they can join the conversation about the real world math I am witnessing here in Europe!
Day 1: Arriving in London
Day 2: Photowalking with Ian
Day 3: Paris!
Day 4: My day at Google

-educationally yours,
Tinashe Blanchet

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Here in the US, we write dates in the month/day/year format, so today, 3/14 is special because it matches the first three digits of pi.

Around the world, lots of us celebrated last fall when it was 11/11/11, because that date was the same in many different formats.

How are dates written where you live? What special math-y days are you looking forward to? Will you be celebrating Pi Day today?

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Sometimes, when you travel or even close to home, you see something that makes you wonder… And lots of times, math can help you learn more about the things you wonder. Here in Philadelphia there is a sculpture that honors Chinese immigrants, and that makes people who visit Philadelphia wonder.

Math teacher John Scammell came to visit Philadelphia and made a video about the sculpture.

China Wedge from John Scammell on Vimeo.

So… what do you wonder? You can leave a comment telling us what you’re wondering!

Check out what the John Ehret Patriots in New Orleans, Lousiana, USA, Noticed and Wondered about this Problem of the Week Scenario!

Here’s the story:

The Hopi Indians invented Totolospi, a game of chance. The game is played with three cane dice, a counting board, and a counter for each player. Each cane die can land round side up (r) or flat side up (f).

The moves of the game are determined by tossing the three cane dice with these rules:

Toss Move
three round sides up (rrr) player advances 2 lines
three flat sides up (fff) player advances 1 line
any other toss of the three cane dice player doesn’t advance

And here’s how they used Twitter to share what they noticed and wondered!
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Two wine merchants enter Paris, one with 64 casks of wine and the other with 20. Since they do not have enough money to pay the customs duties, the first merchant pays with 5 casks of wine and 40 francs, and the second merchant pays with 2 casks of wine and receives 40 francs in change…

So begins a challenging Math Forum Problem of the Week with an international theme. One thing that might be challenging about it is there is a lot of complex vocabulary. If English is not your first language, or you aren’t familiar with francs, casks, duties, etc. it’s hard to get to the math!

Can you help us? We’d like to translate this international problem into many languages, including plain English. Read More→

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