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You'll notice the PPS image next to some of the resources. This indicates a resource that's especially for people who have a copy of Powerful Problem Solving. The first time you access one of these resources, we'll ask you a special question about the book that you'll use to make a free Math Forum account.

Chapter 2: Communication and Community

Blanket Challengep. 15
The Quiet Game [PDF] p. 17
Mission Controlp. 17
Making a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwichp. 19
Team Revisionp. 20

Chapter 3: Learning Through Listening

Team Challengep. 30
Clarifying Questions Minglep. 33
What's the Same? What's Different [PDF]p. 37

Chapter 4: Noticing and Wondering

I Notice, I Wonder Brainstorm [PDF]p. 46
Think-Pair-Share: Increasing Engagement and Accountabilityp. 47
What Do You Hear?p. 48

Chapter 5: Change the Representation: Seeing the Big Picture

Brainstorming Representations [PDF] p. 62
Act It Out!p. 63
Variety Showp. 63
Picture Galleryp. 64
Representation Reflection [PDF]p. 67
Paraphrasing (In Your Own Words) [PDF]p. 68

Chapter 6: Engaging Students' Number Sense Through Guessing

PoW IQ [PDF] p. 76
Best Guessesp. 78
Noticing for Guess, Calculate, and Check [PDF]p. 79
Getting Better at Guess, Calculate, and Checkp. 82
Calculate As You Gop. 84
Do It Wrong!p. 86

Chapter 7: Getting Organized

What Has to Be Organized? [PDF] p. 99
Setting Up and Sharing Tables part 1p. 99
Setting Up and Sharing Tables part 2p. 100
Setting Up and Sharing Tables part 3: Table Gallery Walkp. 101
Write It Out [PDF]p. 103
Patterns of Changep. 105

Chapter 8: Generalizing, Abstracting, and Modeling

Quantities and Relationshipsp. 115
Representation Speed Datingp. 116
Gallery Walkp. 122
Rough Sketchesp. 123
Problem-Solving Bidsp. 125
What Would Happen If?p. 127

Chapter 9: Looking for Structure

Name That Strategyp. 140
Strategy Speed Datingp. 141
Sticky Notes Strategiesp. 141
Choosing a Strategy [PDF]p. 142
Strategy Modeling & Productive Strugglep. 144
Expert Groupsp. 147
Solve a Simpler Problem: An Example of Strategy Modeling [PDF]p. 149

Chapter 10: The Problem-Solving Process and Metacognition

Facilitated Problem Solvingp. 153
Group Rolesp. 162
Roll the Tapep. 162
Wonderama [PDF]p. 165
Getting Unstuck PDF]p. 167
I Don't Know If I'm Right [PDF]p. 167
I Don't Know What to Do [PDF]p. 167

Chapter 11: Reflecting, Revising, Justifying, and Extending

Categories [PDF]p. 170
Break My Rule [PDF]p. 170
Revision Buddiesp. 175
Peer Conferencesp. 175
Face to Face Revisions [PDF]p. 176
Elbow to Elbow Revisions [PDF]p. 177
Testing 1, 2, 3, 4 [PDF]p. 178
Precheckp. 179
I Will Know We Are Right If... I Will Know We Are Wrong If...p. 180
Math Debatep. 181

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