Index of Activities

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Chapter 2: Communication and Community

Blanket Challengep. 15
Mission Controlp. 17
Making a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwichp. 19
Team Revisionp. 20

Chapter 3: Learning Through Listening

Team Challengep. 30
Clarifying Questions Minglep. 33
What's the Same? What's Differentp. 37

Chapter 4: Noticing and Wondering

I Notice, I Wonder Brainstormp. 46
Think-Pair-Share: Increasing Engagement and Accountabilityp. 47
What Do You Hear?p. 48

Chapter 5: Change the Representation: Seeing the Big Picture

Act It Out!p. 63
Variety Showp. 63
Picture Galleryp. 64

Chapter 6: Engaging Students' Number Sense Through Guessing

Best Guessesp. 78
Noticing for Guess, Calculate, and Checkp. 79
Getting Better at Guess, Calculate, and Checkp. 82
Calculate As You Gop. 84
Do It Wrong!p. 86

Chapter 7: Getting Organized

Setting Up and Sharing Tables part 1p. 99
Setting Up and Sharing Tables part 2p. 100
Setting Up and Sharing Tables part 3: Table Gallery Walkp. 101
Write It Outp. 103
Patterns of Changep. 105

Chapter 8: Generalizing, Abstracting, and Modeling

Quantities and Relationshipsp. 115
Representation Speed Datingp. 116
Gallery Walkp. 122
Rough Sketchesp. 123
Problem-Solving Bidsp. 125
What Would Happen If?p. 127

Chapter 9: Looking for Structure

Name That Strategyp. 140
Strategy Speed Datingp. 141
Sticky Notes Strategiesp. 141
Strategy Modeling&em;Productive Strugglep. 144
Expert Groupsp. 147

Chapter 10: The Problem-Solving Process and Metacognition

Facilitated Problem Solvingp. 153
Group Rolesp. 162
Roll the Tapep. 162
Wonderamap. 165

Chapter 11: Reflecting, Revising, Justifying, and Extending

Revision Buddiesp. 175
Peer Conferencesp. 175
Face to Face Revisionsp. 176
Elbow to Elbow Revisionsp. 177
Testing 1, 2, 3, 4p. 178
Precheckp. 179
I Will Know We Are Right If... I Will Know We Are Wrong If...p. 180
Math Debatep. 181

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