The rec.puzzles archive

Classic recreational puzzles from the rec.puzzles newsgroup. Each puzzle includes a solution, compiled from various sources, which is supposed to be definitive.

  • Analysis: Distance and time puzzles, but also others about continuous functions.
  • Arithmetic: Puzzles that focus on the use of arithmetic operators such as addition, subtraction and multiplication.
  • Combinatorics: Combinations and permutations, and related kinds of enumeration (listing of objects that satisfy a particular property).
  • Competition: Questions about games.
  • Decision Theory: Here's the situation. Is it better to do this or that?
  • Geometry: Figures in the plane or in three-dimensional space.
  • Group: What's the difference between the ones on the left and the ones on the right?
  • Mathematical Induction: Couples shaking hands at a party.
  • Language: Questions about various languages across the globe.
  • Logic: Use equations or clever reasoning to solve complex word problems.
  • Physics: Physics brainteasers.
  • Cliff Pickover: Puzzles by Cliff Pickover (what a great name!).
  • Probability: What are the odds that...?
  • Real-Life: From everyday life.
  • Series: Sequences--what comes next after...?
  • Trivia: Do you know? (Probably not!)
  • References Where to look for more information.

The archive is the original work of many newsgroup posters, not of the editor!

In keeping with the general net practice on FAQ's, we do not as a rule assign credit for solutions. However, we do whenever possible put bibliographies in archive entries.

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