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Question 1 - contests/games.magazine:
What are the best answers to various contests run by _Games_ magazine? Show Answer

Question 2 - contest/national.puzzle/npc.1993:
What are the solutions to the Games magazine 1993 National Puzzle Contest? Show Answer

Question 3 - games/bridge:
Are there any programs for solving double-dummy Bridge? Show Answer

Question 4 - games/chess/knight.control:
How many knights does it take to attack or control the board? Show Answer

Question 5 - games/chess/knight.most:
What is the maximum number of knights that can be put on n x n chessboard without threatening each other? Show Answer

Question 6 - games/chess/knight.tour:
For what size boards are knight tours possible? Show Answer

Question 7 - games/chess/mutual.stalemate:
What's the minimal number of pieces in a legal mutual stalemate? Show Answer

Question 8 - games/chess/queen.control:
How many queens does it take to attack or control the board? Show Answer

Question 9 -chess/queen.most:
How many non-mutually-attacking queens can be placed on various sized boards? Show Answer

Question 10 - games/chess/queens:
How many ways can eight queens be placed so that they control the board? Show Answer

Question 11 - games/chess/rook.paths:
How many non-overlapping paths can a rook take from one corner to the opposite on an MxN chess board? Show Answer

Question 12 - games/chess/
How many different positions are there in the game tree of chess? Show Answer

Question 13 - games/cigarettes:
The game of cigarettes is played as follows:
Two players take turns placing a cigarette on a circular table. The cigarettes can be placed upright (on end) or lying flat, but not so that it touches any other cigarette on the table. This continues until one person loses by not having a valid position on the table to place a cigarette.
Is there a way for either of the players to guarantee a win? Show Answer

Question 14 - games/connect.four:
Is there a winning strategy for Connect Four? Show Answer

Question 15 - games/craps:
What are the odds in craps? Show Answer

Question 16 - games/crosswords:
Are there programs to make crosswords? What are the rules for cluing cryptic crosswords? Is there an on-line competition for cryptic cluers? Show Answer

Question 17 - games/cube.p:
What are some games involving cubes? Show Answer


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