Sketchpad 3.0 Museum

Welcome to the Sketchpad 3.0 Exhibit!

This exhibit features a wide sampling of some of the new work--constructions, analyses, drawings, and design--that can be created using the latest release of The Geometer's Sketchpad.

The works collected here are by no means a definitive or exhaustive statement of what can be done, and isn't even a representative sample of Sketchpad. Instead, they concentrate exclusively on Version 3.0 features. Nor does this gallery attempt to be a tutorial on the new features--for that, see the user guide for Version 3.

As usual, your imagination is your best guide. If you'd like to design a wing for addition to the gallery, please e-mail Nick or Bill.

Exhibit Guide:

Feel free to wander through the various wings of the exhibit in any order you choose. Your experience can be interactive if you take a moment to configure your Web browser so that it can open Sketchpad documents directly. If you don't use Sketchpad and want to know more, a demo version and lots of dynamic geometry talk can be found at The Geometry Forum. Information about the commercial version is available from Key Curriculum Press.
* Arcs and Architecture

* Algebra and Beyond

* Physics

* Statistics

* Curves

* Poincare Disk

Sketches, scripts, and web pages by Bill Finzer and Nick Jackiw.