When you click on the individual file links in the Sketchpad 3.0 gallery, you download individual Sketchpad files to your computer. If you've configured your Web browser to use Sketchpad to open these files, everything should work great, regardless of whether you use Macintosh or Windows Sketchpad. This is because Sketchpad files are "binary compatible" across platforms; each platform can read a sketch or script written by the other platform. Most of the contents of the Sketchpad 3.0 gallery were written on a Macintosh, for instance, even though they've been saved with Windows-like filenames.

However, it's not always convenient to download every file individually. There are a lot of files here, and if you have to click each one, you're going to be here for a while. So you can also download all of the files from each wing in a single package (which is just a collection of files).

Unfortunately, while files created for Sketchpad for Macintosh are compatible with those for Sketchpad for Windows, packages created for the two computers are not. You'll have to choose the package appropriate for your computer.

For the Macintosh, packages are collections of files stored in a self-extracting archive that has then been Binhex-encoded. You'll need a program like Stuffit or CompactPro or Binhex 4.0 to de-binhex them. These packages all end in ".hqx".

For people using Microsoft Windows, packages are collections of files stored as a zip-archive. You'll need a program like PKUNZIP or DeZipper to decode them. These packages all end in ".zip".

Here are the packages we have available. They correspond to the individual wings of the gallery. If you've downloaded all of the files in a wing individually (by clicking on their links), you don't need to download that wing's package.

Arcs & Architecture Mac (24K .hqx) or Windows (4K .zip)

Algebra and Beyond Mac (40K .hqx) or Windows (16K .zip)

Physics Mac (72K .hqx) or Windows (33K .zip)

Statistics Mac (48K .hqx) or Windows (17K .zip)

Curves Mac (64K .hqx) or Windows (26K .zip) [Note:The Curves package does not include the Bezier Patch sketch, because it's so big (1136K). You can download it individually in the Curves wing.]

The Poincaré Disk Mac (48K .hqx) or Windows (19K .zip)

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Sketches, scripts, and web pages by Bill Finzer and Nick Jackiw.