SPIMSOW's Interactive MathView™ Notebook

This is one of our MathView™ notebooks. There are four icons that appear on the side of the graph in the notebook below. The first icon can be used to enlarge ("zoom in") to any part of the graph. Click on this icon and box the part on the graph that you want to zoom in to. The second icon can be clicked on to reduce the size of the graph ("zoom out"). The third and fourth icons will increase and reduce the resolution of the graph. Click on them to make the graph be plotted with fewer or more points respectively. You can also move the graph around by clicking down on it with the MathView™ hand icon, which appears everytime the mouse is over the graph.

You can change the equation in the notebook as well, by simply highliting it and typing in any numbers or letters that you want to. To save this notebook or to edit it using your OWN copy of MathView™, please click down on the graph and use the contextual menu that pops up. If you have a mouse with two buttons, use the right-click for the contextual menu.

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