Writing an Expression in Maple

We are going to begin this tutorial by defining a function. Since we want this function to look as math-like as possible, we would like our function to have the correct mathematical notation. There are two ways math expressions can be written in Maple. We can go to View on the Menu and choose Palettes . Maple will then give us three choices: Symbol, Expression, and Matrix . If the first method is not used, one could choose to use Maple Input from Insert on the same Menu.

--View . . . Palettes . . . Expression

Choose the integral sign without limits from the Expression palette: [Maple 
Math] " will appear on your screen. Now fill in the question marks with the expression of your choice. (Yet again you can choose to either write out the Maple language for the function of your choice or you can use the Expression Palette). We want to choose " [Maple 
Math] [Maple 
Math] , " and then use x as the variable in place of the ?'s above. Any expression you choose to take the place of the question mark will appear in the area just below the picture menu bar. Once you have filled in the ?'s pr ess the "T" in the picture menu bar to continue writing.

--Input . . . Insert

A ? will appear and the area just below the picture menue bar will be open for writing. Here you have to type in the expression you desire.

[Maple Math] You have entered a function in Maple.

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