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Math Forum Staff, 1999-2000

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Stacey Bearden, Shelly Berman, Ethel Breuche, Judy Ann Brown, Tom Epp

Annie Fetter, Elaine Huang, Dave Kershaw, Gene Klotz, Lisa Lavelle

Leigh Nataro, Brian Osoba, Tracey Perzan, Helen Plotkin, Ann Renninger, Aaron Ross

Melissa Running, Roya Salehi, Jay Scott, Sarah Seastone, Wes Shumar

Richard Tchen, Terrel Trotter, Jody Underwood, Alex Vorobiev, Steve Weimar

Problem of the Week (POW) Administrators

Staff Responsibilities:

Send general comments to the Math Forum staff via our Suggestion Box.
Here are the kinds of concerns each of us typically handles:

    Stacey Bearden
        Administrator - Ask Dr. Math
    Shelly Berman
        Director of School Programs
    Alexander Bogomolny
        Applet Developer
    Ethel Breuche
        Coordinator - Discrete Math POW
    Judy Ann Brown
        Prof. Dev't. Coordinator - M.S. POW
    Tom Epp
        Project Developer - Ask Dr. Math
    Annie Fetter
        Student Project Coordinator -
        Geometry POW, POM
    Elaine Huang
    Dave Kershaw
        Project Developer - T2T, Math Library,
        Search Engine, Ask Dr. Math
    Gene Klotz, Director
    Lisa Lavelle
        Coordinator - Elementary POW
    Leigh Nataro
        Coordinator - Trig/Calc POW
    Brian Osoba
        HTML System Support Developer
    Tracey Perzan
        Administrative Assistant
    Helen Plotkin
        Chief Programmer
    K. Ann Renninger
        Director, Research and Evaluation
    Aaron Ross
    Melissa Running
        Resource Librarian
    Roya Salehi
        Research Project Coordinator -
        POW, T2T, Ask Dr. Math
    Jay Scott
        Programmer - Epigone
    Sarah Seastone
        Editor, Web Archivist; Newsletter
    Wes Shumar
        Research and Evaluation
    Richard Tchen
        Project Coordinator - site design,
        evaluation, discussion list-owner
    Terrel Trotter
        Coordinator - Algebra POW
    Jody Underwood
        Research and Evaluation
    Alex "Sasha" Vorobiev
        System Administrator
    Steve Weimar, Co-Director
        Site organization, Teacher Ed.,
        Internet Mathematics Library

Student Workers

    Nii Saka Addo
        Middle School POW Support
    Stephen Armah
        Math Library Support
    Dan Berger
        Programming Support
    Abram Falk
        Geometry POW Support
    Kim Harris
        Ask Dr. Math Support
    David Litterine-Kaufma
        Ask Dr. Math Support
    Annalise Bloss Paaby
        Math Library Support
    Tom Stepleton
        Ass't. System Administrator
    Ursula Whitcher
        Math Library Support
    Xiang Lan Zhuo
        Programming Support

Those who have worked for us in the past include:

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