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    The Math Forum's Internet Mathematics Library contains a Recreations category, with topics from the lighter side of mathematics: field trips, fun for kids, humor, and math poetry. The Library also offers collections of math games and math-oriented sports sites.

    The Exploratorium
    San Francisco's museum of science, art and human perception. Online exhibits, cool sites, archives, sport and science, and the digital library (the Exploratorium A-to-Z). Visit the Exploratorium's Science of Baseball, Science of Cycling, Science of Hockey, and Skateboard Science.

    Fractals - Cynthia Lanius
    Exploring fractals: Why study fractals? Making fractals: Sierpinski Triangle, Sierpinski Meets Pascal, Jurassic Park Fractal, Koch Snowflake. Fractal Properties: Self-similarity, Fractional dimension, Formation by iteration.

    FUNBRAIN: Educational, Online Games for Kids
    Interactive, educational math games for all ages.

    Grafica Obscura - Paul Haeberli
    An evolving computer graphics notebook.

    Optical Illusions (SandlotScience.com) - SandlotScience
    Interactive explorations of optical effects, illusions, distortions, animations, artwork, stories, PDF projects, games, and more.

    Tessellation Tutorials - Suzanne Alejandre
    Learn how to tessellate (somewhat in the style of the art of M.C. Escher) using HyperCard for black and white and/or HyperStudio for color, ClarisWorks, LogoWriter, the Geometer's Sketchpad, templates, or simple straightedge and compass.

    Topology and Geometry Software: Fun and Games - Jeff Weeks
    Java applets enhance Torus and Klein Bottle Games: Tic-Tac-Toe, Maze, Crossword, Word Search, Jigsaw, Chess.

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