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Ruth Carver

Hi! My name is Ruth Carver. I am attending the Internet workshop at Swarthmore college. I had the good fortune to attend last year also. What a difference it made for me! I teach high school math at Mount St. Joseph Academy in Flourtown, PA (just outside of Philadelphia). Because of my involvement last year with the institute, my students made extensive use of the Geometer's Sketchpad. We were active participants in the Forum's Problem of the Week and Project of the Month. We also took part in the problem solving project, mathmagic.

I also teach graduate level classes in math education at Beaver College in Glenside, PA. I am teaching my fellow teachers about the Internet. So far they have learned how to do e-mail (they'll be posting questions on nctm-l tomorrow, so if your on that list and wouldn't mind responding to them, I'd really appreciate it). We also surfed the web. They were a bit overwhelmed at times but I tried to assure them that a year and a half ago I was at the same place they are now.

Question: We're adding a course at the college I teach at this fall entitled, "Teaching of Algebra." I know I want to do a lot with technology but I would appreciate the wisdom and experience of my colleagues in developing this course. Have any of you taaught a similar course?

-- Ruth --

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