Setting up your Web browser to launch ClarisWorks for these examples


Mime Type: application

Mime subtype: x-cwss

Extension: cwss

Application: ClarisWorks

File Code: CWSS

Setting Netscape Preferences

  1. From the Netscape Options menu select Preferences...
  2. Select Helper Applications.
  3. Click New...
  4. In the Create New Mime Type window enter Mime type: application
  5. and enter Mime subtype: x-cwss
  6. click on OK
  7. In the Extensions box enter cwss (which will be used for the examples in these lessons).
  8. Click the Browse... button and browse through your folders until you find ClarisWorks. Click OPEN.
  9. Click on the File type dropdown menu and select CWSS.
  10. Click on Launch Application.
  11. Click OK.

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