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Viewing sketches on this page requires The Geometer's Sketchpad. For information about purchasing the software, downloading demo versions, and setting up Sketchpad as a helper application for your Web browser, see the Forum's Dynamic Geometry Software page.


Line Sketch

One line, Y=X, is fixed. You can manipulate the position of another line, Y=MX+B, by altering the values of M or B. There are also questions to go with this graph.

Parabola Sketch 1

Similar to the first graph, here there's a fixed parabola Y=X^2, and one to experiment with, Y=AX^2+C.

Parabola Sketch 2

Change even more variables by comparing Y=X^2 with Y=A(X-H)^2+K.


Tangent Line Problem

Given a function f and a point P on f, find an equation of the tangent to the graph at P. Why would you want to do this, and how would you go about solving this problem?

These five sketches take you step-by-step through the solution of the tangent line problem:

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