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HyperStudio is a popular program that many HyperCard enthusiasts have started to use because of its added features, particularly color. If you have HyperStudio but little experience using it, you may want to refer to HyperStudio Tessellation Tips.

Figure 1 (blue square)
Step One
Select your favorite color from the menu. Use the rectangle tool to draw a square. If the shift key is held down as the "rectangle" is drawn, it will make a square.

Figure 2
Step Two
Using the lasso, start at the top corner, wiggle around as you are going down and exit the lower corner of the square. A section of the square will be selected.

Figure 3
Step Three
Hold the shift key and slide the chunk over to the right. Position the chunk on the right side, leaving no overlap and no gaps. [It would also be possible to start on the right side, select a chunk, and slide it to the left.]

Step Four
Repeat the process but this time go from top to bottom or bottom to top.

Step Five
Look at the figure. What does it look like to you?

Step Six
Use the pencil or paint brush (with a contrasting color selected) to decorate the figure. Do not add anything to the outer edges of the silhouette.

Step Seven
Use the lasso and position the figure up higher on the card. Hold option, slide the copied figure to the side.

Step Eight
With one of the darker figures still selected, go to "options" in the menu and select "replace colors".

A window will appear. You may either replace one color for another or exchange.

Select the colors you wish to exchange.

Step Nine
Now there should be one darker figure and one lighter figure.

Step Ten
Using the lasso, hold "option" down and "copy" by sliding one darker figure to the side. Lasso the lighter figure, hold "option" down, slide the lighter figure off and fit it into position up against the darker figure. Hint: If it does not fit perfectly, review Steps 1 - 8 and try again. Continue this procedure until you have created a tessellation.

HyperStudio Tessellation

Here are some inspirational pictures from the World of Escher.

Here is a Tessellation Contest your students can enter.

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