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Figure 1 (black square)

Step One

Using the rectangle tool, draw a black square. If the shift key is
held down as the "rectangle" is drawn, it will make a square.

Figure 2

Step Two

Using the lasso, start at the top corner, wiggle around as you are going down, and exit the lower corner of the square. A section of the square will be selected.

Figure 3

Step Three

Hold the shift key and slide the chunk over to the right. Position the chunk on the right side, leaving no overlap and no gaps. [Also possible would be to start on the right side, select a chunk, and slide it to the left.]

Figure 4

Step Four

Then repeat the process but this time go from top to bottom
or bottom to top.

Figure 5

Step Five

Use the pencil or paint brush (with the white pattern selected) to decorate the figure. Do not add anything to the outer edges of the silhouette.

Figure 6

Step Six

Use the lasso and position the figure up higher on the card. Hold option, slide the copied figure to the side. In HyperCard this is a faster method to copy/paste if work is being done on only one card.

Figure 7

Step Seven

With one of the black figures still selected, go to "paint" in the menu and select "trace edges". The result is a white version of the black figure.

Figure 8

Step Eight

Using the lasso, hold "option" down and "copy" by sliding one black figure to the side. Lasso the white figure, hold "option" down, slide a white figure off and fit it into position up against the black figure. Hint: If it does not fit perfectly, review Steps 1 - 8 and try again. Continue this procedure until you have created a tessellation.

HyperCard Tessellation

HyperCard Tessellation

Here are some inspirational pictures from the World of Escher.

Here is a Tessellation Contest your students can enter.

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