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Tessellation Tutorials
Tutorials and templates for making your own tessellations

Suzanne Alejandre

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What Is a Tessellation?

What Is a Tiling?

Where's the Math?

Historical and Geographical Connections


Claris Works: Color Tessellations

Geometer's Sketchpad: Color Tessellations

HyperCard: Black & White Tessellations

HyperStudio: Color Tessellations

LogoWriter: Programmed Tessellations

Templates and Tessellations

Tessellating with only a Straightedge and Compass

Activity Pattern Blocks

Other Tessellation Links and Related Sites

Software and JAVA Applets

Activities Index - Interactivate Project
    Links to several activities involving tessellations.

Kali - Jeff Weeks
    Kali lets you draw symmetrical patterns based on any of the 17 tiling groups.

Tess - Pedagoguery Software Inc.
    With Tess, you can quickly create attractive symmetric planar illustrations.

Teacher Comments

Student Tessellations

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