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The Teacher2Teacher service grew out of the Ask Dr. Math® service at the Math Forum in March of 1998. Teacher2Teacher can be characterized as a peer-mentored question-and-answer service. We focus on answering questions from teachers and parents about math teaching and math learning.

As we answer questions, we build an archive, so that everyone can benefit from past work. All archived questions and answers can be added to by the public. Over time we have developed Frequently Asked Questions from common questions that have arisen.

Teacher2Teacher Associates, who answer questions received by our service, include kindergarten through college-level mathematics educators from all over the world. While T2T® Associates are all teachers, some are also working as consultants, workshop presenters, curriculum developers and researchers.

We would love to answer your questions about effective teaching practices, finding Web resources, identifying student needs or starting projects. If you're on the verge of adopting a new math curriculum, or if you're curious about the new ways your child is learning math, T2T® is here to lend a hand. Here are some examples of questions appropriate for our service:

We invite you to visit The Teachers' Lounge and get involved in our most active threads of conversation.

We love to hear from you. Share with us ways in which our service has been helpful to you. Send us comments or suggestions for improving our support. We are committed to great math education, so let us know how we can better our service to help you.

Suzanne Alejandre

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