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Teachers' Lounge Discussion: Front End Estimation

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From: Kristina <kristina@mathforum.org>
To: Teacher2Teacher Public Discussion
Date: 2003121118:27:00
Subject: Re: Re: Give me a break!

If your son's teachers has actually said that the answer to those
questions (below) are both "yes", then the teacher does not understand
how to apply front-end estimation. While that it pretty unacceptable,
since she is expected to teach it, it does not mean that FEE is all
bad. In fact, from your explanation, it sounds like your son DOES
understand how to apply it correctly. He added the first digit, saw
that he was close to the target and then looked at the cents to see
that cost would be more than $15.

It sounds like the problem is that either the teacher doesn't
understand the concepts or your son is not reporting it to you


On 2003121115:50:40, TeeAnna Schimmel wrote:
>I totally agree with you. As a parent who tries to be involved in my
>children's work this front-end estimation is the worst thing I have
>ever saw. The teacher told my son to add the first row of numbers and
>put zeros but a majority of the time he was not even close. Example
>Question: If you buy 3 items that cost $5.43 each, will $15.00 be
>enough to buy all 3 items? My son wrote yes because he went by what
>the teacher said but clearly in a "real life" situation he would not
>have enough. Thankfully my son understands that it is not enough but
>this is ridiculous. Where are they planning on sending these children
>to shop. Here was another question: If you buy 2 items for $6.29 and
>item for $3.55 will $15.00 be enough? Again the teacher said the
>answer was yes because they are just adding the front numbers to make
>the determination. Give me a break also this stuff has no purpose and
>does nothing to teach children real life situations.    

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