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Teachers' Lounge Discussion: Problems with addition and subtraction

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From: Owen 
To: Teacher2Teacher Public Discussion
Date: 2006072316:37:42
Subject: Visual saturation

   "There's been so much research that now there's a lot of creative
ways to teach arithmitic. Much emphasis has been put on providing a
visual/physical understanding of how these operations work.
 These are very important and will be critical as a child tackles more
complex levels of Math,
 but I believe that the ability to immediately shoot out an answer to
"What is 9 minus 4?" relies primarily on   memory recall, and the best
way to commit such a recall is with visual saturation."

I agree with you on this point.  Visual saturation is the key to
helping students learn math.  We do not recall from our memory very
well things that we have not seen.  The DotMath for kids system has
graphics to help the students learn how to do math fast.  In the
DotMath system, the student only needs to be shown how to solve 
9-4 =? a few times to be able to recall the answer  9 - 4 = 5.   With
visual saturation it can be etched into their long term memory.  They
will also be able to beat he calculator in a race.

If you want to know more about the DotMath for kids site and THE FUN
BOOK you can find it at:


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