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Teachers' Lounge Discussion: Best math series

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From: donna <dprice@ga.prestige.net>
To: Teacher2Teacher Public Discussion
Date: 2001052623:29:53
Subject: Re: Re: math pilot

In response to Debra, I taught fourth grade this year and my ITBS
scores are back and they are phenominal.  I can only attribute it to
the Everyday Math program. 

I do know about Saxon though I have never used it.  I think children,
especially upper elementary kids would be bored with it.  

All five of the pilot teachers in my the building had struggling
students and we just took them along with us.  We aimed high and low
and behold those children did better than expeced.  Many of the Title
1,Special Ed. and ESOL students get extra help, but what would have
been wonderful for them is if these teachers and para pros where on
target with the program too.  Unfortunately, they were not since it
was a pilot, but next year they will be.  Struggling students are the
ones who most need everyone to be on the same page and when we aren't
it is totally unfair to them.  This is the one peice of advice I can
give.  If and when a pilot is chosen all key people involved with that
class need to be trained and using the same principles and
philosophies then you can see exactly how all members of the class can
handle the pilot series.  It also helps when piloting a series that
you have other people in your building or district to talk to.  We had
one teacher in our builing who was piloting something totally
different from the rest of us and it was extremely difficult for her. 

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