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Teachers' Lounge Discussion: Dividing by zero

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From: israel

To: Teacher2Teacher Public Discussion
Date: 2003051120:39:50
Subject: Re: Zero divided by zero (indeterminate form).

When you have the fraction 1/4 for example you change it to decimal form by having to multipy the denominator by something in order to make it equal the numerator in this case that number being 0.25 because 0.25 x 4 equals 1. *notice that 1/4 equals 0.25 now lets take a fraction with a zero value in it's denominator and a any number in the numerator. for example 2/0 so what times the denominator equals the numerator 2 you guessed it no number times 0 equals 2 so this fraction cannot be expressed as a decimal therefore is not real. 0/0 however is a special case however because when we try to find a number that we multiply by the denominator to equal the numerator. We soon find that every number times the denom. equals the numer. therefore this has infinite values. Because any number times zero will always equal zero. P.s. I hope this kind of helped you understand the zero divided by zero part more clearly.

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