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From: Judy 
To: Teacher2Teacher Public Discussion
Date: 2000081117:15:42
Subject: Re: Teaching Chicago Math - having difficulty teaching children with poor skills and concepts.

Dear Robin,  
I understand where you are coming from.  I've taught the Chicago Math
program for 8 years now, four of those as a remedial math teacher for
grades 2-5.  I've also taught fourth grade.  

I hope you have been using the games that accompany the program.  My
students love them and that gives them the fact practice they need. 
Games like Baseball Multiplication and Multiplication Top-It let
students work on their multiplication facts without the boringness of
drill.  I've also found parents like the games too because they have
fun with the games. 

Slow down your pace just slightly and this will help.  I'm very
selective about what I teach my slower students.  I pick and choose
the best of each lesson and use only that.  Problem solving will come
as the students work with the various algorithm strategies in the
series.  Go back and read your reference manual for the procedures on
these.  Many have been introduced in earlier grades (2 and 3).  Once
children learn that there's more than one way to solve problems their
confidence builds.  

You can also supplement with problem solver activities from various
publishers.  I like the Problem of the Day series and Problem Solvers
books from Creative Publications.  I hope some of these ideas help. 
Be sure to contact me if I can offer other suggestions for you.  
Good luck and hang in there.

 -Judy, for the Teacher2Teacher service

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