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Teachers' Lounge Discussion: Teaching algebra in middle school

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From: Sheri <sheril89@msn.com>
To: Teacher2Teacher Public Discussion
Date: 2003090911:13:37
Subject: Re: Re: Teaching Algebra in Middle School

Way to Go Pat!

I am a parent and I am trying to help my child with 8th grade math. 
We are really struggling.  I have helped her everyday with homework
and she is still getting a failing grade based only on her homework. 
I am a college graduate with a Bachelor's of Science in Business
Administration.  Yes, I did have to algebra and some pre-calc, but I
wasn't doing it in the 8th grade.  My daughter is not at that level,
and I don't think it is right to lump all students into one category. 
Everyone learns differently.  We are all different.

I really think math is vital to development, but you are right we were
not all meant to be rocket scientists.  I think teachers are losing
sight of this.  Our children are precious and we need to help them not
make things more difficult for them.  Sure we want to challenge them,
but in a healthy way. Not in a way that's going to stress them out so
much they want to just quit school, or worse quit life all together
because they don't think they are worthy if they don't excel at the
same level as someone else.

Parent(and substitute teacher)

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