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Teachers' Lounge Discussion: Software for algebra and geometry

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From: Mia Tulao <cmiae2@yahoo.com>
To: Teacher2Teacher Public Discussion
Date: 2002012321:47:08
Subject: Re: Good algebra and geometry software


I am a High School Mathemtics teacher in an all-girls school in the
Philippines. We are currently revising our High School Math
Curriculum. At present, we have Introduction to Algebra for Yr I
students and  Basic Algebra for Yr II. For the juniors, they have a
course that combines Advanced Algebra, Geometry and very basic
Statistics. Our seniors take TRigonometry, Advanced Algebra and
PreCalculus (we try to reach limits in Calculus, but often run out of
time...)It's a tedious, but very exciting task... =)

I was wondering if you had any ideas, tips, etc, on how to teach
SETS(we usually cover it in 7th grade, Year I and then go on to Set
Operations on Infinite SEts in Yr IV), FUNCTIONS AND RELATIONS (our
biggest problem in this topic is how to make the concept of Domain and
range clearer to the students) and COMPLEX NUMBERS (identifying,
simplifying, up to vectors and finding the resultant).

I was also wondering if you could recommend any books or Computer
Aided Software. At present, we use Geometer's Sketchpad, Toolkit in
Math,and  the Boxer Algebra series, but are also re-evaluating their
use. I checked out the website you gave, but there was a URL error.

Thanks a lot for taking time out to read this! I hope to hear from you

M. Tulao

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