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Teachers' Lounge Discussion: Grading policy

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From: John Silcox <jhsilcox@umd5.umd.edu>
To: Teacher2Teacher Public Discussion
Date: 2001012319:25:13
Subject: Homework grading

I teach secondary mathematics.  I grade homework in two different
ways.  On the day following assignment, I give an effort grade; ie. 12
problems attempted out of 12 assigned earns full credit.  The attempt
must be an 'honest' attempt and I spot check a couple times per week
to verify that this is happening.  Secondly, once every 7-10 days I
give a 'home work quiz'.  "Open your homework section of your notebook
and do problem #12 from page 124" (previously assigned and reviewed). 
Those who have maintained a proper notebook, organized and edited
after homework review do well.  Those who lose things, didn't actually
do the assignment or neglected to correct their errors upon review
don't do as well.  Homework counts 30 points per assignment.  I
usually end up with 1200 - 1500 points per semester with a majority of
those coming from tests and quizzes.  I can usually tell who's been
diligent and honest with homework with test and quiz grades.

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