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From: Brad Watson, Miami

To: Teacher2Teacher Public Discussion
Date: 2012091420:45:26
Subject: 'Simple(6,74) English(7,74) Gematria(8,74)': one of the parts(74) of the 'Theory of Everything'

Many physicists refer to Strings Theory as the "Theory of Everything" (TOE) since it unites the four forces of nature with the two types of matter. 'Unified Strings (U21 S19) Theory' takes the 7 dimensions of hyperspace + the 4 common dimensions and adds an analysis of time that provides symmetry with 7 aspects of regular time + 4 aspects of hypertime. But is this truly a TOE? If it were, wouldn't it include much more than just physics? Wouldn't the correct TOE have great interdiscipinary ramifications? Yes. (Do I often ask myself questions and then answer them? Apparently.) "Anytime an idea(19) is connect(59/74)ed to nature, it's not only logical(59) - it was inevitable." The whole world uses the same Hindu-Arabic numerical system of 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9. Few ever pause to contemplate the world unity this has produced! This numerical notation began to emerge no earlier than c. 600 AD. It took Leonardo Fibonnaci in 1100 AD to introduce this system to Europe and it soon replaced Roman Numerals across the continent. Before 600 AD, all cultures used their alphabet to double as numbers. The Hebrew/Aramaic scriptures were written using an alphanumeric code/cipher called 'gematria'. Since the word 'gematria' is Greek for 'geometry', the Greeks practiced 'isopsephy'. Like the Hebrews, their first 10 letters equalled 1-10, their next nine letters equalled 20-90, and their 20th letter plus equalled 100-___. The Qur'an was written using Arabic 'hisab al-jummal' and the same alphanumeric code/cipher as the Hebrews and Greeks. Was anybody here aware of this? Because Roman Numerals did not have a simple alphabet cipher to them, 'Latin gematria' never took hold like it did in Hebrew, Greek, and Arabic. But the Roman Collegia taught 'Step 1 Gematria' where one simply counts the number(6) of(2) letters(7) in(2) a(1) word(4)/name(4)/phrase(6) with(4) the(3) number(6) having(6) symbolic(8) meaning(7), i.e. E PLURIBUS UNUM(13) symbolizing the original 13 United States. When the Greek Septuagint Bible was translated into the Latin Vulgate, the isopsephy/gematria was almost entirely lost. But 'coincidentally', around the mid 1300s when Freemasonry began to form from the remnants of the scattered Knights Templar that arrived in Scotland after their persecution. The Operative Masons with their knowledge of 'sacred geometry' and 'sacred gematria' continued to interact with Jewish mystics (Kaballists) and Muslim mystics (Sufis). This is also when modern English began to form. Fast forward to 2012 and we find English being the primary language of Earth. In countries where English is not the primary language, i.e. China and India, it is taught as the secondary language. Because of the clear separation of the numerical system, English gematria is occult(74)ed (hidden), but it's now not only present, Simple(6,74) English(7,74) Gematria(8,74) with 'the key'(74) of 'A-B-C becomes 1-2-3'(74) is much stronger than any other language gematria! A=1, B=2, C3, D4, E5, F6, G7, H8, I9, J10, K11, L12, M13, N14, O=15 or zerO, P16, Q17, R18, S19, T20, U21, V22, W23, X24, Y25, Z26 The rule behind 'Step 2 Gematria' of any language is words/names/phrases with a similar alphanumeric sum have a connect(74) between(74) them, i.e. Simple=74=S19+I9+M13+P16+L12+E5, English=74=E5+N14+G7+L12+I9+S19+H8, Gematria=74=G7+E5+M13+A1+T20+R18+I9+A1. Observe... GOD=7_4, 7/4=July 4th or 7 April 30 AD: Good(7__4) Friday when Jesus(74) the king(74) of the Judeans(74) - the Jewish(74) Messiah(74) - was on the Cross(74=C3+R18+O15+S19+S19)... Muhammad(74), Al Quds(74), Sufis(74). science(58), design(58), star(58), astro-(58), Albert (Einstein)58, German(58), etc. I've been to several Jewish schools and have learned first-hand that they teach Hebrew gematria beginning with the 5th Grade. When I've introduced Simple English Gematria to the teachers and principles at these schools, they are intrigued. I'm convinced that teaching Simple English Gematria will connect language with math like never before! But besides religion(74), it also connects with science, history, music, sports, etc. since gematria is one of the parts(74=P16+A1+R18+T20+S19) of the TOE. - Brad Watson, Miami Interdisciplinary teacher

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